January | A Fresh Start

January | A Fresh Start

February 01, 2020

January has come and gone. Wondering what we did and what you can do? Then look no further as we are sharing some of our process and what to plan for come February. A new year always paves the way for a fresh start.

Photography By Ashtin Paige, Storefront Studios, & Kelly Savoca

If you've been keeping us with us on the socials you may have caught that we are starting to shift our stories so that we can create a better space for sharing our process, insights, and tips in the garden. We will still share a special feature showing our favorite correlations from plants to products, but more than anything it'll be dedicated to the garden process. These will be snapshot-like post and we'd like to open up comments and questions as well so there is more room for sharing. There's no one way to do something and we are always learning ourselves. Ok, let's talk about January!


Compost! Compost! Compost!
Checked in weekly. Our compost has been very dry due to the cool weather and grey skies. Since you want your compost to be a bit moist we simply added water and turned the compost.
Seed Inventory & Ordering

I've been stoked to start using our Garden Planner to keep track of what inventory we have and what we need to order. It's a great tool for this. 

Right now, I'm focusing on great spring veggies like Dino Kale, Gem Lettuce, Watermelon Radish, Pole Beans, Herbs and so on. I'm looking forward to trying out some Edible Flowers this year as well - keep you posted on that. 
If you are looking for a good spring start I'd recommend our Herb Basket or Salad Friends Crafted Seed Set.

Garden Planner

Houseplant Love

January is the perfect time to give your houseplants some love. I've taken some time to remove dead leaves, prune stalks that don't look healthy, review soil, and feed our plants. If the soil in your pot looks spent and you've noticed your plant has grown quite a bit then repotting with some fresh soil can go a long way.

Also, I like to provide some additional nutrients. I've used both Gro-tone & Dr. Earth Pure Gold for some examples of natural plant food. These can be used for a variety of plants and are pretty simple to use. 

Weeding Flower Beds
Not my favorite thing to do, haha. It must be done though especially if I want nice beds for Spring. We have so many wild strawberries that grow in our beds so I pulled all of that out along with other weeds while leaving some of last year's Dianthus. Dianthus is considered a biennial so it can come back.
Once cleaned, I applied a light layer of compost from the bottom of our bin. Our soil here in Nashville is very clay based so the compost helps by providing a more complex soil which aids in aeration.
Blueberry Bush Check-In

We transplanted these in fall. They went from planters to going in-ground. That being said where we mounded the soil at the base wasn't providing the best environment for water getting to the roots. I simply made a moat or a ring at the top of the mound to make sure the water wasn't just running off. Take a look below to see what I mean.

Blueberry Bush     Mounding on Blueberry Bush
Also, if you take a look at my WINTER highlights on Instagram I share some videos regarding all of the above there!


Looking to February
Compost Workshops
If you are local to Nashville and interested in learning more about compost then check out the FREE workshops offered by Turnip Green here. If you are not local, check with your metro department as they may offer them as well.
Raised Beds
Start strategizing the design of our raised beds.
Building Hoops
If you already have beds built and want to start growing then hoops might be your answer. By building hoops you can protect plants from frost.
Pest Control
We'll be researching what plants rabbits don't enjoy eating!! This has been a major problem in our front yard so we will be looking for ways to prevent this from happening again.
Alright, that's just a few of the things we'll be working on. Hopefully, we inspired you to tackle a project or two as well! We'd love to see your GardenStyle at #cottonandmoss on Instagram.

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