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Everything comes full circle. At a young age, I was drawn to becoming a designer in the fashion industry. After having worked in the industry for 10 years, I came to realize the many issues that come along with designing and manufacturing in the fashion industryboth environmentally and ethically. I think back to a time when my dad was empowering USA factories and their workers, only to see them slowly diminish. Maybe this was always in the back of my head. With this knowledge, accompanied with my love of gardening, I began to realize how symbiotic the relationship is between farming and fashion. This is how Cotton & Moss was born.

Cotton & Moss is a garden lifestyle brand that provides special product launches, stories, and engaging experiences throughout the year. By taking the notion of knowing where your food comes from and applying that to any item you purchase, whether it is a handcrafted planter, a utility apron, or a locally sourced beeswax candle. To make, design, & curate goods while focusing on quality, sustainability, & made in the USA.

 Our goal is to inspire you to take on any gardening project!

My design experience spans companies such as Gap, J.Press, Gilded Age, and Oshkosh B'gosh. After graduating from Pratt Institute with a BFA, I continued my education with horticulture courses at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Having spent 15 years in Brooklyn, New York, I now call Nashville, Tennessee my home. It only feels right after many summers spent in Tennessee as a child.

- Kelly