What Customers Are Saying

Seasonal Garden Box

"I was very excited to receive the garden box from Cotton & Moss. The box itself is beautiful and will be used after the contents are gone. I loved the seeds and permanent labels it came with + the tips I got from the gardening book will be very helpful!"

Lina S.

Seasonal Garden Box

"My Spring Box was so beautifully designed and all of the items included were practical, useful, and so pretty! I am so excited to be able to use them during the spring while I tend to my garden. Can't wait to see what the Summer Box has in store!"

Brenda N.

Fall Garden Prep

I began planting squash in July & early August. While some might do this earlier, due to having a small space garden, I had to wait until there was room in the bed. We will not be planting much else as we plan to put a cover crop in one of the beds. Since our veggies seemed a little slow growing this year, we want to give the soil some added nutrients and rest so that come Spring it'll be in great shape! 

Read more to see what else you can do to get ready for Fall, Winter, & even Spring gardening.

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