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Hope Christmas Tree Farm

It’s always been a tradition in my family to have a Christmas tree and for some reason, I’ve never been quick to change this tradition. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of being a kid or the fact that it helps me get in the holiday spirit or maybe it’s the fact that I love design so decorating a tree is a thrill. Either way over the years I’ve often thought about how this could be contradictory to some of my values.

Was buying a fake one the best way to go? I thought about all the PVC (a byproduct of petroleum) and various other products they are made from. Also, the fact that they are most likely not made stateside where there are stricter environmental standards. 

As I kept thinking I thought about the fact that these are farms. Again, symbiotic to many things in our lives. These are not being taken from the woods where I’d love to keep as many trees as possible. So why can’t these be grown the way I want my food or fiber without harsh chemicals? 

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