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We are excited to introduce our downloadable garden planner. We've been researching and listening to various gardeners to perfect the perfect planner for gardening. After much debate and a request to create something that could be added to (which we loved the idea of) we have pulled together a planner that includes a yearly outlook, seed ordering & planting, monthly & weekly views, bed rotation, & a seasonal insights page to help track what worked, major fails, new ideas, etc. We even included dot grid so that each season you can properly illustrate beds, crops, or simply take additional notes. It's great for drawing to scale as it is spaced 1/2" per dot.

Imagine being able to look back at last springs notes to see if you solved a similar problem or reviewing which bed you grew carrots in last season. As a one time download, just save the file and print as needed. Easy as pie.

Total of 17 pages, 9 being uniquely formatted.

This makes for a perfect gift that can be personalized too. Print out as many pages as you like per season, add dividers, and find your favorite binder - creative, affordable, & functional! 

Make planning dreams come true! We'd love to see how you plan at #cottonandmoss.

*Due to the nature of this product it is non-refundable.