Bloomsbury Farm Tour | Part I

Bloomsbury Farm Tour | Part I

March 10, 2019

Spring is here and we want to help you get your garden ready. We are talking Spring preparation and planting with the one and only Bloomsbury Farm!

Videography by Shelby Goldsmith | Photography by Melissa Hope 



As part of a new series titled GardenStyle, Cotton & Moss is collaborating with farmers & gardeners throughout Tennessee to provide more opportunities for learning and connection. Each season we will be selecting a favorite farm or garden to offer a one hour experience that will shed light on preparation, issues, and defenses in the garden.

Our first tour took us to the stunning landscape of Bloomsbury Farm. Bloomsbury is over 400 acres and is dedicated to delicious edibles while being both GAP and Organic certified. They are committed to bringing the highest quality and healthiest goods to the local community. Since 2009 Lauren Palmer, founder of Bloomsbury has been growing a variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. It was a treat to have her showing us around the grounds. We chatted about what is currently being planted, tips & techniques, along with any concerns that may come up during the season.

Maybe you have been gardening for years or maybe you are just learning the ropes, either is fine. If you are eager to get started and learn then we want to share our knowledge and experiences.


Spring Garden Tips

Lauren Bloomsbury Farm     Bloomsbury Strawberries


  See Part II for more tips from the tour!