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Anniversary Denim Jacket

Cotton & Moss

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Our friend Jessica Melton of Sewing Seeds collaborated with us this Spring to bring 3 Anniversary Jackets to life.

*NEW* If you like any of these designs, but have your own favorite denim jacket we'd be happy to embroider it for you! Get in touch at

The first jacket released she used our favorite illustration representing the many hands that go into growing food, fiber, and flowers to bring this special piece to life. A staple jacket for days out in the field or running errands. 

Our second jacket released, we focused on one of our favorite southern flowers, Magnolias. 

Lastly, our third jacket honors the peace and beauty we all want in the world. All are completely hand embroidered and truly one of a kind.  


Classic Vintage Lee Jacket | 2 Front Chest Pockets | Antique Brass Shank Buttons

Hand Embroidered in Nashville, TN

100% Cotton Denim

Peace | Size 8 | Only 1 piece is available.-SOLD

Size Info: 47" Chest, 24" Length, 25" Sleeve, Bicep 19"

Magnolias | Size 6 | Only 1 piece is available-SOLD.

Size Info: 42" Chest, 23" Length, 24" Sleeve

Many Hands | Size 2 | Only 1 piece is available-SOLD.

Size Info: 36" Chest, 21" Length, 23.5" Sleeve


Layer Up!

Transparent Pricing | Cost of Goods + Labor + Packaging | $130.00-$200.00