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Our Makers

Name Jessica Melton

Hometown | Honesdale, Pennsylvania

Currently Reside Nashville, Tennessee

Motivation Behind the Brand | Creating one of a kind, handcrafted pieces of embroidery art for people and their homes. 

Favorite Plant | Monstera

Fun Fact | I initially started stitching plants because I was unable to keep them alive in my home or garden.


Garner Blue

Name |  Lou Garner

Hometown | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Currently Reside | Jackson, Tennessee

Motivation Behind the Brand | I get a little amazed with the beauty of the patterns in each batch - indigo tones the color of the sky & the water have my heart.

Favorite Plant | Today - the sensitive plant - I love a lot of them though.

Fun Fact | My family’s business was archery and I grew up going to our family’s shop with an archery range and full arrow and broadhead manufacturing facility.


Honor | Of

Name |  Jessica Robertson

Hometown | Nashville, Tennessee

Currently Reside Nashville, Tennessee

Motivation Behind the Brand | Nature has always provided me with the incredible opportunity to explore myself & dig deeper into the world around me. In return, I have found tremendous healing, necessary solitude, endless inspiration, as well as the appropriate space and medium to practice mindfulness while working towards reducing my environmental footprint. 

The art of natural dyeing has strengthened my connection with the natural world while helping me understand my place in it.

Favorite Plant | Wild white sage!

Fun Fact | I am a former hairstylist who once sold everything she owned to live out of a pickup truck & travel the U.S. for 5 months.


Name Anna Zeitlin

Hometown | Nashville, Tennessee

Currently Reside Nashville, Tennessee

Motivation Behind the Brand | To provide perfect, wear every day, ethically made hats for women.

Favorite Plant | Kale

Fun Fact | I witnessed the person break the Guinness World Record for most swords swallowed at one time.




Name Kim Gilmour

Hometown | Enfield, New Hamshire

Currently Reside Brooklyn, New York

Motivation Behind the Brand | I strive to provide customers with one-of-a-kind, handcrafted home goods that are inspired by and make reference to the natural world - leaves, sand, earth, water.  My organically-shaped vessels are meant to complement and enhance whatever they hold -- the flavors and aroma of food, the shape and color of plants and flowers, the texture of jewelry and salts.

Favorite Plant | Spider Plant

Fun Fact | I moved to London and then NYC after college to work in the music biz.


Little Klein

Little Klein

Name Adrienne Klein

Hometown | Toledo, Ohio

Currently Reside Brooklyn, New York

Motivation Behind the Brand | To bring a little flirtation to the world of greeting cards.

Favorite Plant | Japanese Maple

Fun Fact | The truth is in the grey.


Alice & Whittles

Alice & Whittles

Name Sofi Khwaja & Nicholas Horekens

Hometown | Toronto, Canada / Geneva, Switzerland

Currently Reside Toronto, Canada

Motivation Behind the Brand | We leverage contemporary, minimalist design to favor transparency, ethical manufacturing practices, and worker empowerment as a means of creating long-lasting, positive change.

Favorite Plant | Rubber Tree

Fun Fact | The name “Alice” descends from Sofi’s grandfather’s company “Alison”, that tailored clothing for India’s Maharajas. “Whittles” is the surname of Nick’s maternal ancestors, who ran small shops handcrafting a type of clog in England.


Red Pig Garden Tools

Red Pig Garden Tools

Name | Seth Pauley (Founder: Bob Denman)

Hometown | Iowa City, IA 

Currently Reside Portland, Oregon 

Motivation Behind the Brand | We hand-forge over 150 different tools and help gardeners get the most pleasure from their work. We also have a goal of keeping history and tradition alive by telling the stories of the tools we make, basing tool designs on those used widely in the past (even if largely forgotten today), and producing our work as blacksmiths of the past did - using mainly hammer, anvil, forge and arm. 

Favorite Plant | Ferns

Fun Fact | The name Red Pig Garden Tools originated from a pig with a personality that company founder Bob Denman tried to keep for a pet in Southern California in the 1980s. That pig tore up Bob’s garden and yard to voice his displeasure, whenever he was left alone for too long. So, years after giving up the pig, when Bob got into making garden tools, he paid homage to that old pig’s stubborn personality and digging ability by naming the brand after him. 


Johnson's Honey Farm

Johnson's Honey Farm

Name | Paula Morton (Owner: Robert Johnson)

Hometown | Goodlettsville, Tennessee

Currently Reside Greenbrier, Tennessee

Motivation Behind the Brand | Bees have been on the property in Goodlettsville since 1914. I love working with bees and enjoy the fact that they waste nothing!

Favorite Plant | I love nectar producing plants….for example bee balm!!

Fun Fact | Bees produce ¼ of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.