July | Miniature Zen Garden Kit

Cotton & Moss


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Perfect for those who love succulents and have the desire to craft a meditative garden space. Zen gardens, also known as Japanese rock gardens or a dry landscape garden, use a combination of soil, sand, rocks, and succulents or bushes.

In this workshop kit, you’ll be crafting a miniature zen garden that will be great to place in any area of your home. We’ll be focusing on succulents that have lower light requirements and be utilizing sand to evoke waves and calm. In a spin on the classic rock garden, we’ll be providing a variety of crystals like amethyst, kyanite, and others that symbolize purity and meditation to make your garden really speak to your needs. Get ready to design your peaceful landscape!

What You'll Need:

Plant Tray or Table
Small 3/4" W Flat Paintbrush or Other Utensil to Rake the Sand
Figurine (Optional, but Fun to Add) 

We'll Supply:

3 Low Light Succulents. The succulents pictured may not be the exact species you'll receive but are a reference to the plant families we will be choosing from. 
9-11" Ceramic Tray with Drainage Hole
Succulent Soil
White Sand
2-3 Crystals (may depend on size)
Video Tutorial - You can watch at any time!

*Pre-order now with FREE shipping through July 12th, 2020. Limited to 10 kits. We will ship starting the week of July 20th.