Artisan Raaka Chocolate


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To pay homage to our sister city, Brooklyn, we've included organic Raaka Chocolate as a holiday treat. Their values when it comes to sustainability, sourcing, and transparency are unparalleled. Inside each wrapper, you can find more info on the origin and pricing for that specific cacao. We are offering three delicious flavors individually and part of our gift set options:

Maple & Nibs 75% CACAO | This maple-sweetened bar tastes like a brownie straight out of the oven. Rich and smooth on the inside, generously sprinkled with toasted nibs for a crispy, crunchy outside. A longtime factory favorite. Perfect for those looking for alternative sugars.

INGREDIENTS: Organic cacao beans, organic maple sugar, organic cacao butter

Ginger Snap | 70% CACAO | A seasonal icon, reimagined. Ginger steamed Tanzanian cacao mixed with winter-spice infused cocoa butter, and decorated with sparkling brown sugar. The perfect companion for holiday spirits.

INGREDIENTS: Organic cacao beans, organic maple sugar, organic cane sugar, organic cacao butter, organic light brown sugar, organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic allspice, organic nutmeg

Pure Cacao, Strawberry, & Coconut | 80% CACAO | A super dark chocolate with an easy, ice cream-like melt and a natural, juicy sweetness from strawberries. You won't believe they made this without added sugar, but they did. For an exotic experience give this bar a try. 

INGREDIENTS: Organic cacao beans, organic strawberry, organic toasted coconut, organic cacao butter

Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free. Certified Organic & Kosher. 

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Transparent Pricing | Cost of Goods + Packaging | $3.75