Crafted Seed Sets

Cotton & Moss

We've partnered with Hudson Valley Seeds to bring together a selection of our favorite seeds that include a reusable mesh produce bag. This way when it's harvest time you'll be ready to go! All organic and in beautifully designed packaging. Great for gifting.

Surprise Seed Set
A surprise variety of 3 seed packs. Only $10!

Power Greens - Sold Out
Dino Kale, Rainbow Chard, Shanghai Bok Choy

Summer Color
Emerite Pole Bean, Rainbow Chard, Edible Flower Mix

Salad Friends - Sold Out
Little Gem Lettuce, Honey Drop Cherry Tomatoes, Watermelon Radish

Asian Inspiration - Sold Out
Shishito Peppers, Shanghai Bok Choy, Thai Basil

Tomato Lovers - Sold Out
Cherokee Purple Tomato, Mikado Heirloom Tomato, Honey Drop Cherry Tomato

Sunflower Surprise - Sold Out
Skyscraper Sunflower, Teddy Bear Sunflower, Velvet Queen Sunflower

Fall Flavors - Sold Out
Waltham Butternut Squash, Common Sage, Skyscraper Sunflower

Herb Basket
German Thyme, Basil Bouquet, Common Sage, Gigante d'Italia Parsley, Greek Oregano

Grow something delicious!

Bag Dimensions: 7" x 5" 100% Cotton Fair Trade Labor
Seed packs range from 50-250 seeds per pack.

Transparent Pricing | Cost of Goods + Shipping + Packaging | $8.64-$12.96