Echoview Farm & Fiber Mill - Part II

Echoview Farm & Fiber Mill - Part II

October 20, 2017

Echoview Farm & Fiber Mill

Photography by Ashtin Paige
Part II


There was so much to cover during our visit that I wanted to highlight the mill in a separate photographic post. Their process and space is such a wonderful place and we hope you enjoy getting an insider's view as much as we did.

Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified Headquarters.



As we entered there was a beautiful, antique loom over 200 years old in the lobby. Heading upstairs near the offices there was a hall of windows overlooking the mill floor. The bags pictured are filled with roving yarn.


The machine labeled #1 helps to wash the initial fiber, #2 dries the fiber, #3 is the picker which fluffs the fiber after it is dried.


Vaughn going through by hand to remove any debris and then fluff Angora rabbit fiber that a client had saved from two years of brushing!


 Roving being put through the spinning machine.



Spinning Machine. Rug yarn being finished.


Dye Bath.



Finished yarns set-up on a Stoll flat knitting machine. Blanket being knitted on the 80" wide Stoll CMS 822 knitting machine. 


2,014 needles are used within the Stoll flat knitting machine!


Tate the Reprobate - the pup who helps run the everyday operations.

Hope you got a feel for what happens inside a natural fiber mill. It's not easy to create such nicely crafted products and these folks are doing it in such an inspirational way right here in the USA.

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